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Our Story

Like a true modern love story, we met on Bumble. Alex opened with "I like your cat", and “you look normal.” Mike replied “Thanks?"

We made the bold decision to go on a first date at the Goochland Drive in. Looking forward to at least 5 hours of being stuck in a car together, 45 minutes away from home, we are very glad it turned out well!

first date at the drive in

What sold Alex: Mike is passionate about vegan/vegetarian cooking and wanted to share his knowledge and flavors. Alex did not know she needed this until Mike wowed her over and over again with his homemade cooking.

mike cooking

What sold Mike: Alex's constant appreciation of Mike's various oddities: from his (continuing) history as a band nerd to always asking "how hard can it be?" even to a fault. Alex was also someone who shared his passion for the outdoors and adventuring.

riding our bikes

Our life together so far:

We moved in together in 2022 and have been working to create our home. With multiple DIY projects completed and in process, we have tested our ability to do housing projects together and are happy to report that it goes smoothly. We both agreed backpacking presented harsher challenges to our patience with each other. Despite living in harmony, sadly our cats do not. Having bonded over our love of cats, particularly our own, we have adjusted to a split household, as well as creating cat appealing areas within the house. We haven't given up yet though!

theo the catluna the cat

The outdoors is clearly our true passion and our love of adventuring together ties the knot! We have traveled to California, Italy, and Utah, completing many miles of hiking. We've backpacked in Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Canyonlands National parks. We have traveled abroad to Italy and fulfilled our mountain itch in the Dolomites before a relaxing visit to central italy with Mike’s parents. We have ventured throughout Virginia on hiking and camping trips. Our favorite pastimes are rock climbing at our local gym and riding our growing collection of bikes. We frequent the Capital Trial and various mountain biking trails in the Richmond area.

with our backpacks on


Mike’s proposal: Alex had only one requirement: she implied she would only say yes if the proposal occurred on Star Island. Mike planned ahead with fellow Star guests to “surprise” Alex with a proposal at the International Affairs Conference in July 2023. Despite the sunset not cooperating, Alex gleefully said yes in her favorite place!

proposal on star

Alex’s Proposal: Insisting that Mike couldn’t have all the fun, Alex wanted to make Mike feel just as special and surprise him! Alex took advantage of the backpacking trip we had planned in Utah. Waiting for the perfect moment when we had already hiked about 10 miles, ran out of water, and were starving, Alex got down on one knee. Mike, initially confused as to why Alex was getting down, quickly realized what was happening. Some nice men who also hiked out to this beautiful arch, captured the moment with just as much surprise as Mike.

proposal in utah

Now we cannot wait to celebrate with you all in nature in true Mike and Alex fashion!

backpacks on the trail

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