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The Mountain

If you are staying with us at The Mountain, that's great! We are so excited for you to join us! It is going to be an exciting weekend. The following instructions will help you register. To begin, click here to register on their site. If you have any trouble or questions please reach out, we'd love to help!

  1. Click "Create New Account".

Each family is only required to make one account. Once logged in, you will be able to add registrants to the account and pay for all family members at once. You are also able to have separate addresses.

  1. Program Section:
  • Select “other retreats”
  • “The Wedding of Alex and Mike Sept 12” is all the way at the bottom
  1. You will have three options:
  • Adult Double occupancy
  • Adult Single occupancy
  • Adult Bunkhouse
  1. If you are registering a child, based on the date of birth, it will give you one option for the price of that child. Children 0-3 are free, but it does require you to register them.

  2. Unless you have been contacted by us, you will select Adult Double Occupancy. The rate is $150/person for the weekend, plus tax.

  3. If you have been contacted by us and will be staying in a bunkhouse, the rate is $110/person for the weekend, plus tax.

  4. If you have been contacted by us and are being assigned a single room and agreed to the upcharge you have the option to select a single for $290 for the weekend.

  5. Upgrades: The next page will ask if you plan on staying the night on Thursday before the wedding. We have already reached out to a few people regarding this option. We are arriving early in order to begin decorating and organizing for the big day! If this is something you are interested in helping with please reach out and select this option! Of note for the people staying Thursday, dinner Thursday night and breakfast Friday morning will be provided by us, but the dining hall will not be available until Friday evening for dinner for everyone.

  6. From here you have the option to pay now or later. Either way you will now have an account registered with The Mountain.

Off Site

For those not staying on-site at The Mountain with us, we have provided a curated list places to suggestions in the Highlands area

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